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    Short Story Project (SSP) Cont...

    9 October 2017 , by Joe Giunta

    For now, Facebook is the only way I really have of reaching my readers. Regardless of how many people have liked my page, anything I post only reaches a small portion. To reach more, I’d have to pay quite a bit to boost each post. So I’ve been looking for other methods. If anyone wants to leave comments here, on... Read more

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    A New Short Story

    4 October 2017 , by Joe Giunta

    I’m going to be writing a short story for an upcoming project and thought it might be interesting to show the entire process on my Patreon page (for free). I’m thinking of approaching it as a collection of blog posts, where I put down what I’m thinking as I plan and write out the story. Anyone who wants to read... Read more

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    Suspension of Disbelief

    25 September 2017 , by admin

    From my experience, as an avid fantasy reader and sometimes writer, the fastest way to pull a reader out of a story is with inconsistency. Word choice and pacing play a big role in keeping things moving along smoothly, but nothing jars the eyes quite like a bafflingly uncharacteristic action / response, contradicting established premises or flat ou... Read more

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    Managing Plots

    18 September 2017 , by admin

    I haven’t spoken with other authors about their method for tracking and maintaining plotlines, so I have no idea if what I do is similar. Before I start working on an outline, I begin with an idea, which first sees the light of day in a text file oddly enough called Ideas. I tend to have a dozen or so... Read more

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    Changing Plot Midstream

    4 September 2017 , by admin

    I hope this never happens to me, though I can see how it might. I go to great lengths to have my plot and subplots thought out and planned long before I start chapter one. Having to change the main plot halfway through a manuscript means I either didn’t plan as well as I thought I did, or an idea... Read more

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    What Makes an Antagonist?

    28 August 2017 , by admin

    So if you were unaware, these blog posts are actually ideas passed on by publisher Bob Nelson. I’m sure they stem from questions he’s been asked or conjured from some dark pit in his brain, but my question this week was of no use. Not only have I not received a strange fan mail, I’ve yet to receive any. I... Read more


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