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    Section Twenty-One

    23 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric was practicing runes in the courtyard later that night when the first load of star metal arrived. All four horses pulled a wagon half full of the white rock, which apparently weighed more than it looked. The wheels had dug deep tracks in the mud and creaked from the strain. The storm hadn’t let up but continued as a... Read more

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    Section Twenty

    20 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric headed toward the enclosed valley early the next morning with Griz by his side. They followed behind Bel, Stalk and a small group of goblins. Another group had set off at the same time to begin work on a new mine, while the rest stayed behind to guard the castle. Eric had warned them demons might attack and to... Read more

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    Section Nineteen

    18 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric had done his best to pile the bodies once Sebran and his men left. There were so many, however, it ended up more of a long mound. He considered burning them to prevent further spread of the infection, though he would’ve preferred to do that outside of the castle walls. The resulting metals and ashen debris might still be... Read more

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    Section Eighteen

    16 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric was still blocking the entryway. Sebran looked at him in askance, clearly wanting to go see what was the matter but uncertain of his own fate. At some point during their discussion, Eric had decided not to kill him. It was easy to see this world as not real, with it having no consequences he should care about, but... Read more

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    Section Seventeen

    13 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric had a difficult time getting down the spiral stairs to the laboratory, but once he reached the bottom, the ceiling was fairly high. There was at least another three feet above his head, less so where arched stones ran the length between support columns. There were a number of sturdy wooden tables across the center of the room, with... Read more

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    Section Sixteen

    11 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric stood in a dark room. The floor below his naked feet was pure black, glossy like polished marble, cold to the touch. Faint silver light shone from above, like a broad ray of moonlight. The ceiling and walls, if there were any, couldn’t be seen. Frantic mumbling caught his attention. Eric turned to see a tall column of glass.... Read more

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    Section Fifteen

    9 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric sank into the water by late of early morning and watched the boatmen row away. He wasn’t able to turn his head and look around as light faded, only saw the occasional fish as darkness grew from below. By the time he struck ground, light of day had become little more than a muted glow at the top of... Read more

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    Section Fourteen

    8 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric fumed. I knew he was gonna fuck me! He also felt stupid for not keeping track of his own body. Now what the fuck do I do? “What can he do with it?” he asked Griz. The shaman looked frightened, both at Eric’s obvious anger and what Sebran might do. Wheels were spinning behind that one good eye. “With... Read more

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    Section Thirteen

    8 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    The forest was visible from beyond the ruined castle, though it stood a few miles off. Eric trudged through fields along the way with a sense of foreboding, as if the darkness between its trees was somehow watching. It was impressive, the dense woodland, with leafless tops that came close to reaching into the storm clouds. Mist clung to the... Read more

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    Section Twelve

    8 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric helped carry anvils and weapon bundles back through a portal, but the massive forges would have to be remade. The crafters began setting up a temporary workspace for smelting and forging. The castle was built on two ley lines, which was serviceable for most tasks. Crafting masterwork weapons would require scouting a new location, a proper nexu... Read more


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