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    Find J.A. Giunta’s New T...

    6 March 2022 , by admin

    J.A. Giunta’s publisher, Brick Cave Media, announced today that they would have signed copies of his two latest books, The Warden’s Legacy and War Golem, available for purchase at Tucson Festival of Books March 12-13, 2022. War Golem, released in 2019 towards the end of the year, has yet to be available at a live event. The Warden’... Read more

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    Section Twenty-Eight

    9 May 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric was still cold. He clenched his right hand and opened it, studied the lines in his palm, the faint blue of veins beneath, the striation of muscles when he extended the fingers. He could feel temperature again, pressure against his skin, the slight pain of digging nails into his palm. It felt like flesh but something more. He called... Read more

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    Section Twenty-Seven

    7 May 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric laughed and said, “Hold on! There’s gotta be a faster way than walkin’ there.” Can we make a portal? he asked Griz. The shaman shook his head. I’ve never been there. I need to see a destination to create a portal to it. I have, Ella said. She put a hand to the shaman’s forehead. Here, I’ll show you.... Read more

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    Section Twenty-Six

    4 May 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    The unexpected arrival from Xanaranth had bought the others more time to get away. Eric thought to help, to use their distraction as an opportunity to attack from behind. There were too many demons. It was a massacre and a short-lived one at that. Eric could see even if he did lend a hand and killed a few demons, in... Read more

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    Section Twenty-Five

    2 May 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric placed three mithrinum bars on a shelf in the vault. Browns had already come through and cleaned up the broken glass. Skip planned to melt it all down and make more. Eric recalled the look of worry and disdain on the brown’s face when he’d handed over the bars. It was enough to cause Eric to rethink his plan,... Read more

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    Section Twenty-Four

    30 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    It was strange, being able to speak with the spirits inside him at any time. They spoke with each other as well, but he could tune that out if he wanted. When he was alone, in the quiet of night, it was comforting to hear them. They had no world but what he gave them, nothing but the platform and... Read more

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    Section Twenty-Three

    27 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric struggled toward the vault. Griz and all the blues and oranges had gone to fetch Sebran. Eric knew Sebran would need the contained souls to work a spell if he agreed to help. Eric wanted to get down to the vault while he was still able, before the wrong runes unraveled and left him blind or crippled or some... Read more

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    Section Twenty-Two

    25 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric spent the next two days learning the creation ritual. He sat in the courtyard by a fire and held a hand out while thinking a phrase. The runes appeared in air beneath his palm as he moved it, the result of his last transformation. He merely had to think of a word and its runes were formed by his... Read more

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    Section Twenty-One

    23 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric was practicing runes in the courtyard later that night when the first load of star metal arrived. All four horses pulled a wagon half full of the white rock, which apparently weighed more than it looked. The wheels had dug deep tracks in the mud and creaked from the strain. The storm hadn’t let up but continued as a... Read more

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    Section Twenty

    20 April 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Eric headed toward the enclosed valley early the next morning with Griz by his side. They followed behind Bel, Stalk and a small group of goblins. Another group had set off at the same time to begin work on a new mine, while the rest stayed behind to guard the castle. Eric had warned them demons might attack and to... Read more

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