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    Writer’s Block

    13 March 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    While I’m sure others will argue it exists, it’s always been my opinion that it doesn’t – at least for me. What I’ve experienced is that what others call writer’s block is more an unwillingness to continue, for whatever reason, than any utter lack of inspiration. Writing isn’t about waiting for a muse to fill your head with words, forcing...... Read more

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    6 March 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Distraction is the not-so-distant cousin to procrastination. It’s oh so easy to hop onto Reddit and browse for a few minutes, which could potentially become hours, rather than work on an outline, edits or write. A quick look at Facebook to answer messages and reply to posts doesn’t seem like it would take much time, but every minute spent doing...... Read more

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    Writing Hurdles

    28 February 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    There are times when I manage to write myself into a corner, and it’s time to think my way out. Fun times, for the reader. Me? Not so much. I’m sure it happens to other writers, when a cool idea becomes a burden to be carried or morphs into a measuring stick. They’re great, if you can pull it off,... Read more

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    19 February 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    I can’t speak for other writers, but the amount of time it takes for me to write anything feels like more than it is. I average a page an hour while working on a novel, novella or short story. Blogs are entirely different. I don’t put in time outlining and editing numerous revisions before posting. With outlining and edits, that... Read more

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    Horizon Zero Dawn

    5 February 2018 , by Joe Giunta

    Whenever I’m not writing, I’m usually playing video games. I tend toward role-playing, survival, building or planner games and typically on PC. However, I recently finished Horizon Zero Dawn (The Complete Edition) on a PS4 Pro and was thoroughly impressed. The graphics, narrative, voice acting and mechanics were on par with games like Mass Effect (... Read more

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    SSP Notes Cont., Background an...

    23 October 2017 , by Joe Giunta

    You can find the latest post on my short story project here. As always, I look forward to any comments here or on my Patreon. Feel free to drop by my Discord server for discussion. Read more

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    SSP Notes Cont., Vampires

    14 October 2017 , by Joe Giunta

    As with previous posts, feel free to discuss the notes here, on Patreon or in Discord. This post deals with vampires in the story and touches on the magic system, as well as other supernatural races. I’ve been waiting between posts to encourage discussion. One or two more notes, and I’ll begin work on the outline. I’ve had an idea... Read more

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    Short Story Project (SSP) Cont...

    9 October 2017 , by Joe Giunta

    For now, Facebook is the only way I really have of reaching my readers. Regardless of how many people have liked my page, anything I post only reaches a small portion. To reach more, I’d have to pay quite a bit to boost each post. So I’ve been looking for other methods. If anyone wants to leave comments here, on... Read more

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    A New Short Story

    4 October 2017 , by Joe Giunta

    I’m going to be writing a short story for an upcoming project and thought it might be interesting to show the entire process on my Patreon page (for free). I’m thinking of approaching it as a collection of blog posts, where I put down what I’m thinking as I plan and write out the story. Anyone who wants to read... Read more

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    Suspension of Disbelief

    25 September 2017 , by admin

    From my experience, as an avid fantasy reader and sometimes writer, the fastest way to pull a reader out of a story is with inconsistency. Word choice and pacing play a big role in keeping things moving along smoothly, but nothing jars the eyes quite like a bafflingly uncharacteristic action / response, contradicting established premises or flat ou... Read more


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