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Just as an update, tonight is the cover reveal of my and Sharon Skinner‘s new superhero fantasy novel Supernal Dawn. I hope you’ll stop by for a peek of what’s soon to come. It’s the first in a series of super-powered stories we’ll be bringing in the future. It’s set in an alternate modern world, with magic and monsters as well the sudden appearance of ancient alien technology that alters a small percentage of the population. What happens when ordinary people get powers? Give it a read to find out!

I also just finished the first draft of The Warden’s Legacy. You can read it in its entirety on my patreon, as well as many more stories to come. I put up a poll to ask readers what they’d like to see next. I plan to continue work on The War Golem, my web series, and begin to take notes for a tentative outline that continues after Supernal Dawn. I rarely hear from my readers, even though I know they exist. Someone out there is buying my books! I’m hoping you’ll see the poll and take a second to choose. The results will determine what I focus my attention on next. Whatever that may be, you can expect to see it on my patreon.

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