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    Joe Giunta Interview on Phoeni...

    18 March 2021 , by admin

    On Wednesday, Joe did an interview with Arizona Daily Mix on Channel 7 in Phoenix, AZ. You can watch the interview here. Order The Warden’s Legacy today: Brick Cave  |  Amazon  |  IndieBound Read more

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    Warden’s Legacy Releases...

    28 February 2021 , by admin

    Join Us at One of Today’s Events All times are MST US. Zoom requires RSVP at the link provided to receive the access information. BC Book Club access required Ruby Dragon (Free) membership or greater to post. Discord required invitation acceptance to access. Launch Day AMA at the BC Book Club with J.A. Giunta February 28 @ 10:00 am –... Read more

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    Joe Appearing on the Brick Cav...

    15 February 2021 , by admin

    Author J.A. Giunta is a guest on the upcoming Brick Cave Podcast February 18, 6:30pm MST to talk about and promote his upcoming release, The Warden’s Legacy. The show will be broadcast live and listeners are welcome to submit questions for Joe during the event. Listen live here. Read more on the event here. Read more

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    J.A. Giunta Brick Cave Kicksta...

    29 June 2020 , by admin

    Brick Cave Author J.A. Giunta joins Bob Nelson to talk about the current Brick Cave “Dial It to 11” Kickstarter, as well as tropes in Fantasy voice accents, going to Italy and MMO video games. The Brick Cave Kickstarter in ongoing until July 15, 2020: http://kickstarter.brickcavemedia.com Read more

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