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    Find J.A. Giunta’s New T...

    6 March 2022 , by admin

    J.A. Giunta’s publisher, Brick Cave Media, announced today that they would have signed copies of his two latest books, The Warden’s Legacy and War Golem, available for purchase at Tucson Festival of Books March 12-13, 2022. War Golem, released in 2019 towards the end of the year, has yet to be available at a live event. The Warden’... Read more

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    2021 Holiday Season Savings on...

    25 November 2021 , by admin

    The Last incarnation, the epic fantasy release from author J.A. Giunta, is on sale this holiday season at various eBook retailers. Here are the details for you! All discounts listed below are for the eBook editions of the release. Read more

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    Amazon Price Drop: Kindle The ...

    16 October 2020 , by admin

    Brick Cave Media, the publisher of The Last Incarnation. today announced a temporary drop in price for the Kindle edition of The Last Incarnation, the first book in The Ascension Series from Author J.A. Giunta. For a limited time, the price has been reduced to $1.99, the lowest price ever offered for a digital edition of the book. The Publisher... Read more

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