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    Cover Reveal: The Warden’...

    14 October 2020 , by admin

    Last evening, via the BC Book Club Forums,  Brick Cave Media shared the cover graphic for The Warden’s Legacy, the next Fantasy book by author J.A. Giunta. Scheduled for Public release 12/2/2020, the cover was created by Henning Ludvigsen (artist of The Ascension series covers). BC Book Club members are invited to post questions regarding the... Read more

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    Project Update (Repost of 2015...

    2 October 2017 , by admin

    I’m currently working on a few projects, the largest being book three of The Ascension trilogy. Here is a breakdown of each piece, in order of priority at this time. Out of the Dark I know it’s been a while since book two was released, but I am working on this. I’d estimate I’m roughly 30% done. After a long... Read more

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