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I’m currently working on a few projects, the largest being book three of The Ascension trilogy. Here is a breakdown of each piece, in order of priority at this time.

Out of the Dark

I know it’s been a while since book two was released, but I am working on this. I’d estimate I’m roughly 30% done. After a long break, I reread books one and two, took extensive notes and came up with a number of ideas I wanted to introduce. I was also hung up on a few key points that needed working through. No estimate on completion, other than to say it will be finished before any other project I’m working on.

The War Golem

This is an e-serial I’m writing over at Protagonize about a tribe of goblins who create a machine of war. They summon a spirit to bring the golem to life, the most evil being their magic could conjure. What they wanted was in reality a video game character; what they got was the teenage griefer who played him.

This is an ongoing story. I do have an idea of where I want it to conclude, at which point I may approach Brick Cave about publishing. For now, it’s more about having some fun. You’ll notice the language is much more graphic than my other writing.

The Hollow (working title)

This is a new serialized project I’m about to start at Patreon, a site best described as an ongoing Kickstarter. It will be completely free, but patrons will be able to see everything from start to finish (outline, drafts and edits), as well as take part in a discussion about the characters and plot that will help shape the story. There are different levels of patronage, and some allow for actively taking part in the story.


Part one, Caught by the Tale, was released a while back. I already have the entire story outlined. I just need the time to go finish the next parts. I don’t know if these will remain available as novellas or be combined into a novel.

The Guardians

Book one was released a very long time ago. The series of novellas was originally intended to be a collection of fourteen, six for each timeline and two for introduction / finale. I don’t know that I’ll follow that plan anymore. I’ve lost all notes and outlines I had. At some point, I’ll just reread the stories, take notes and write all new material for both timelines.

The Dragon (working title)

I started writing this short story as part of a contest but wasn’t able to finish it. I’ll get back to it as time permits and complete the second half. It has the potential to be much more than a 25 page short story. I’ll have to consider it when the time comes.


This project has been sort of up in the air for a while. There’s been talk of reviving it, which I agreed to be a part of. I was setting up numerous plotlines in the last story I wrote. I think the whole project may need an overhaul. If we can’t get a group of writers to commit to it, I may just take it up as my own and release a collection of novellas. A web comic would have been fun, but we always had a hard time finding the right artist.

Immortal Sherwood

These two novellas were meant to be stand-alone works, but I’ve had an idea in the back of my mind for a third part that will wrap everything up.

The Evolution War (working title)

This is a novel I outline and started before I began rewriting The Last Incarnation. It follows a boy who finds a cursed sword, one with the trapped soul of a Warmaster. The first chapter is already written. This is just one of many novels I’ve had plans to write in the world of Taellus, where The Ascension Trilogy takes place.

(no working title)

The next novel following Out of the Dark will focus on Barr and Fluora’s offspring. I’m purposely being vague to avoid spoilers.


Your Thoughts?

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