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    13 July 2020 , by Joe Giunta

    It’s been a while, so I thought I would let everyone know what I’ve been up to and what I’m currently working on. Aside from playing video games, I’ve been thinking about various stories. I have notes on a number of things, including a sequel to Supernal Dawn, but more and more stories keep fighting their way into my thoughts,... Read more

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    J.A. Giunta Supports the Mesa ...

    22 April 2020 , by admin

    Brick Cave Media, Joe’s publisher, is supporting the Mesa United Way COVID-19 Support Fund with a special donation of books and gifts. The Crate of Dragons and Magic includes signed copies of the entire Ascension Series of novels, a complete Healer’s Legacy Trilogy by fellow Brick Cave author Sharon Skinner, a plush Wyvern dragon, a Brick Cav... Read more

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