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    J.A. Giunta Books at Bay Area ...

    2 May 2022 , by admin

    J.A. Giunta’s readers in the Bay Area will be able to score some signed copies of all his titles at the 2022 Bay Area Book Festival. Mr. Giunta’s publisher, Brick Cave Media, will have copies of all of his titles available in their tent. Unfortunately, Mr. Giunta is unable to attend the event himself, but has signed books in advance... Read more

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    J.A. Giunta Supports the Mesa ...

    22 April 2020 , by admin

    Brick Cave Media, Joe’s publisher, is supporting the Mesa United Way COVID-19 Support Fund with a special donation of books and gifts. The Crate of Dragons and Magic includes signed copies of the entire Ascension Series of novels, a complete Healer’s Legacy Trilogy by fellow Brick Cave author Sharon Skinner, a plush Wyvern dragon, a Brick Cav... Read more

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